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London Demo Day Gerçekleşti

02 Kasım 2017 - Perşembe

23 Ekim'de Londra Borsasında bir ilk yaşandı

On Monday 23 October, London Stock Exchange had a first. Chosen from 1000 applications Top-20 accelerated dynamic Istanbul startups presented their initiatives in front of the investors from UK, Australia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Belgium, Germany, and Turkey.

The event was on the biggest event room at LSE, "The Theater" and we started at 14.30, one hour after the registration and welcome drinks.

Seeing the importance of the highly acclaimed Demo Day event, The London Stock Exchange (LSE) wanted to open the event as host. With Dr. Robert Barnes from LSE, I got the honor of opening the event with a motivated speech to talk about the significance of the organization, our startups, Istanbul for foreign investors as a founder of INVEST ISTANBUL and founder director of the ŞEHİR TTO.

Dr. Robert from the London Stock Exchange likewise mentioned the importance of Istanbul for London and its co-operation with the Borsa Istanbul.World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF) Chairman Baybars Altuntaştold his experiences at WBAF and EBAN, the importance of the INVEST ISTANBUL and summarized Turkey's current situations. Turkey Ambassador to the UK H.E. Abdurrahman Bilgiç told about their activities at London, relations with foreign investors, talked about Istanbul economic structure and reforms and governmental supports.

Leon Saunders Calvert from Thomson Reuters gavea very detailed work with numbers about the VC and Angel investment activities in Europe and in Global area in recent years, compared to Turkey within the information he presented by giving examples such as İYZİCO being a successful Fintech startup from Istanbul. British Prime Minister Fintech chief consultant Alastair Lukies talked about the current potential of Turkey, the importance of INVEST ISTANBUL and how they are doing in the UK in Fintech area and giving examples from the Fintech vertical, and underlined the role of London Stock Exchange and talked about the importance of being @LSE for this event. Finally, Peter Cowley, who has been the "angel investor of the year" for two consecutive years in England, has contributed as keynote and gave a speech on his life as an investor, what to expect from startups, what kind of mistakes are made and how investors should work.

During the panel sessions, Peter Cowley, Baybars Altuntaş, Murat Özdemir from INVEST in TURKEY, the globalization of the startups, the importance of institutional structures and what investors could add more on that subject discussed with our moderator Modwenna Reed-Mogg CEO of Angel News.

Our startups realized their presentations as 2 groups with 4 minutes each. After 40 minutes of startup pitches, we gave the first investors-startups meeting break and then performed second 40 minutes startups and give the second break and closed speech from Modwenna.

During the investors-startups meeting breaks, I saw many lively heated conversations and communications taking place. Stephen Mooney from GEP UK, Nigel Jones from DIT UK, Tuba Terekli from Flat6labs, Chloé Kuder from EBAN, Kutlu Kazancı from UKBaseCamp, Kemal Sidar from LondonBridge and many more investors was learning more from Istanbul Startups.

INVEST ISTANBUL has set out with a structure answering to a shortage: universalizing Istanbul’s potentials and forwarding local start-ups to foreign investors. This structure is matured with the idea of accelerating up certain initiatives and performing demo days in a financial city every year and revealing its social effect. London is selected for the first year, due to UK’s startup nation strategy and variety of UK investors.

The financial support for the first year for this whole organization came from Istanbul Development Agency under the program of Entrepreneurial Support for the year 2016, the execution institution was Istanbul Şehir University Technology Transfer Office.

I would like to point out the fine selection that we have made regarding the 20 dynamic and motivated entrepreneurial startups this year event. Most of them have already received seed funds and even Series A investments. We have helped them make even more improvements in their relevance to the London market, their business models, their IP strategies, and their financial tables, and they have shown great effort in London.

As INVEST ISTANBUL we are very proud of Top-20 Istanbul Startups, they presented Istanbul at highest degree and they connected to the London investors. We believe the good news will arrive soon.

The TOP-20 Istanbul Startups for LONDON DEMO DAY:

For more information about INVESTISTANBUL please visit : www.investistanbul.com.tr

For Pitches : www.investistanbul.com.tr/pitches/

For Founder Institute : www.tto.sehir.edu.tr

For Supporting instutition : www.istka.gov.tr/en/

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