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German - Turkish Co-Production Development Fund

06 Temmuz 2018 - Cuma

During the last years German and Turkish film professionals have taken initiatives to work together. In order to encourage the cooperation of producers in Turkey and those in the regions of Berlin Brandenburg and Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, the Film Fund Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and the Istanbul Film Festival - Meetings on the Bridge have agreed to support the development of film and transmedia projects that have the potential to develop into high quality films that will attract audiences in both countries and in Europe.

Application Conditions

·  The projects must be of high artistic quality and display the potential to attract cinema audiences in at least Turkey and Germany.

·  At least one German producer, from the region of Hamburg Schleswig- Holstein or Berlin Brandenburg, and one Turkish producer must co-develop the film.

·  The participation of the majority co-producer should not exceed 80% and the participation of the minority co-producer should not be lower than 20%.


·  Applications must be submitted according to the published deadlines (announced on the websites of the three partner institutions) in accordance with the stipulations noted in the application form. The project should be submitted in the original language version and in English. The application form must be signed by all producers.

·  The measures to be funded may not have been initiated prior to the application date.

·  The co-producers must nominate one co-producer to be responsible for the application. Applications should be discussed with the appropriate partner institution prior to submission. Normally, this is the majority co-producer. The nominated co-producer is responsible for the funding and will allocate it appropriately within the co-production structure.

Application Deadline: 29.08.2018

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