For Entrepreneurs

As ŞEHİR TTO, we provide information about the grant support programs that our entrepreneurs at can benefit.

The national and international grant supports given to entrepreneurs and to the institutions and activities that try to develop entrepreneurship increase day by day. Below you can find detailed information about these opportunities.

Are you an entrepreneur who looks for grant support to materialize your idea?

Grant Supports for Brilliant Ideas

The entrepreneurs, of diverse backgrounds, who want to put their ideas into practice may examine the following programs for entrepreneurship supports in various fields.

Sponsored By Program Code Program Name Program Scope Application Date More Detail
TÜBİTAK 1512 Teknogirişim Sermaye Desteği Programı Program ile girişimcilerin, teknoloji ve yenilik odaklı iş fikirlerini, katma değer ve nitelikli istihdam yaratma potansiyeli yüksek teşebbüslere dönüştürebilmeleri için destek verilmektedir. Henüz belirlenmemiştir. -
TÜBİTAK 1601 Yenilik Girişimcilik Alanlarında Kapasite Artırılmasına Yönelik Destekleme Programı Program kapsamında, hedeflerine uygun şekilde girişimcilik konusunda farklı çağrılar açılabilmektedir. Başvuru süresi geçmiştir. -
Bilim, Sanayi ve Teknoloji Bakanlığı Teknogirişim Teknogirişim Sermayesi Desteği Eğitimli ve nitelikli gençlerin teknoloji ve yenilik odaklı iş fikirlerini katma değer ve nitelikli istihdam yaratma potansiyeli yüksek teşebbüslere dönüştürebilmeleri amacıyla destek verilmektedir. Sürekli açıktır. -

Are you a Fund Manager who tries to increase his supports for the entrepreneurs?

Programs for Fund Managers

The fund managers who want to use their funds to support the entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas may examine the programs below.

Sponsored By Program Code Program Name Program Scope Application Date More Detail
TÜBİTAK 1514 Girişim Sermayesi Destekleme Programı (GİSDEP) Yenilikçi, ürün, süreç, bilgi ve teknoloji geliştirme ve üretme potansiyeli bulunan KOBİ ölçeğindeki şirketlerin çekirdek veya başlangıç aşamalarındaki finansman ihtiyaçlarının, girişim sermayesi fonları aracılığıyla karşılanması amaçlanmaktadır. Henüz belirlenmemiştir. -

Are you an SME that wants to increase its R&D potential?

The Programs for Entrepreneur SMEs

SMEs that are newly founded or want to develop themselves with R&D projects may examine the following programs so as to obtain information about the relevant support mechanisms.

Sponsored By Program Code Program Name Program Scope Application Date More Detail
TÜBİTAK 1507 KOBİ Ar-Ge Başlangıç Destek Programı KOBİ’lerin, teknoloji ve yenilik kapasitelerinin geliştirilerek daha rekabetçi olmalarını amaçlayan yüksek destek oranlı programdır. Sürekli açıktır. -
AB COSME İşletmelerin ve KOBİ’lerin Rekabet Edebilirliği Programı KOBİ’lere destek sağlanmaktadır. Çağrı bazında değişmektedir. -
AB H2020- Endüstriyel Liderlik ve Rekabetçilik KOBİ'lerde yenilikçilik Program kapsamında KOBİ’lerin inovasyon potansiyelinin geliştirilmesine destek verilerek yeni fikirlerin hızlı ve etkin bir şekilde pazara aktarılması amçlanmaktadır. Çağrı bazında değişmektedir. -

Are you trying to increase the Entrepreneurship capacity of your institution?

Entrepreneurship Grant Supports for the Institutions

The managers who want to increase the entrepreneurship capacity of their institutions may examine the following programs so as to obtain information about the relevant support mechanisms.

Sponsored By Program Code Program Name Program Scope Application Date More Detail
TÜBİTAK 1601 Yenilik Girişimcilik Alanlarında Kapasite Artırılmasına Yönelik Destekleme Programı Program kapsamında, hedeflerine uygun şekilde girşimcilik konusunda farklı çağrılar açılabilmektedir. Başvuru süresi geçmiştir. -

Are you an undergraduate student entrepreneur who has a business idea?

Undergraduate Students with Business Ideas

It is never too early to take your first step into entrepreneurship. You can be a part of the ŞEHİR Entrepreneurship System from day one. This system, as you complete its various stages, will equip you with core competencies, such as communication, sociableness, public speaking, debate and presentation skills, that will enable you to make a difference both in social and business life. There are lots of entrepreneurs who set up their first companies during their student years. If you have an innovative business idea, why not? Provided that you don’t skip classes, of course. If you think it’s too early, our regular awareness and networking events along with the Commercial Entrepreneurship training program are just for you.Social entrepreneurship is as important as the commercial ideas. If you have an idea that might help your environment, come to us and let us make it happen together. Take your first step into entrepreneurship! Join the Social Entrepreneurship training program to mature your idea and find your teammates.At the end of every program, you get your certificate. Thus, you not only learn by practice, but also gain another qualification you can proudly mention in your CV. You can apply to the Accelerator Program to test your business idea, to test whether the market is suitable for your idea, to find your first customers, and to make your first sale. This program is very limited in capacity, so we only accept applications that meet certain criteria..You can be one of them.

Are you a Master’s / PhD student who conducts research?

The Path from Research to Commercial Product

The post graduate studies are highly crucial for the technological developments. As you are aware of this, you continue your research activities after graduation.But are you aware of the fact that your researches might have a significant commercialization potential? Have you heard of a concept called Technology Readiness Level? Or Investment Readiness Level?Come to us with your research thesis. Let us evaluate the commercialization potential together, make its technology assessment, and bring it to the level of investment.Don’t be afraid how all these things will happen! That’s what we do! Call us a call and come right away. Let us show you the way from a good idea to a product or service that makes money.

Are you an academician who wants to set up a startup company and commercialize his/her invention?

From Invention to Start-up

For most of the time, you share the scientific and intellectual knowledge obtained through your researches over years with the companies who seek your help and advice in a consultancy framework.But have you ever considered to develop a product as a result of your scientific studies, or to commercialize your finished products and set up your own company?We are ready to help you all the way to make this happen.In cooperation with our University Industry Alliance department, we can make the technology assessment of your product and evaluate its commercialization potential. Let’s make and test your business model together. Let’s help you make a market analysis and determine a price policy. Let’s enable you to find your first potential customers and reach the right customer segment. We may even make the first sale together. Let’s provide you the investment required for the growth of the company. Let’s prepare you for investor pitches, create a presentation for you, and organize meetings with your potential investors. Let’s guide and help you through managing your company.We are so close to you!Call us and let’s meet right away! Don’t lose time! We love you!

Are you a free entrepreneur with an innovative technology or business model?

Support for all entrepreneurs

You can always get our support even if you last contacted our university the day you graduated. This is an institution that treats all entrepreneurs equally. As long as your enterprise aspires to an innovation or a new technology !!! It is not too difficult to define the new technology: the technology that does not exist in the market.But what do we understand when we say innovation?We don’t expect you come up with a completely unknown invention. In fact, we don’t expect you to come up with any invention at all. You might as well be putting together a conventional technology and an innovative business model. This is also an innovation for us. It might even yield better results most of the time when tested technologies meet an innovative business model.We help you evaluate, rearrange, pivot, and excel your business model. We bring you and your potential customers together, and let it not be misunderstood but we make you “learn your lesson”. In other words, we help you specify the right customer segment for you along with guiding you through market analysis and pricing. If you need technological support, we find the right mentor for you and enable you to work together. If you need assistance in the management of your company, we don’t leave you alone. The moment you are investment-ready, we introduce you to the investor networks. We show you how to prepare the investor pitch and make a presentation in a way to impress the investor.Our aim is to support you to sell your product or service to the right customer segment at the best price with the best business model within the shortest time and through the right channel. Easy, isn’t it? Then, apply at once. Time is money!

Are you an SME that looks for growth financing?

Investment Readiness

Do we only support startups? Definitely not! Maybe you are not a startup company but an SME that has specified its product or service and wants to expand its business already in the market. In order to increase your sales and profit, you want to have access to local and international resources of finance. You may even feel the need to do business abroad.In our incubation centre, we have an approach special for you. We are aware that your needs are different from those of a new entrepreneur. Thanks to our good relations with the local and international investment resources, our business experience, our good knowledge of the SMEs which want to grow and seek investment, we are able to offer services special and suitable for you.We welcome you in our Investment Readiness Program, unlike the startups that successfully complete the Accelerator Program. Of course only after we receive information about your business and have a face-to-face interview. By means of the local and international networks established by our incubation center, we help you access the financial resources that you need for growth.We revise your business plan and make suggestions for a change if needed. We help you define the productive and profitable subsidiary customer segments. We provide you with the skills to make an effective presentation to the investors. We prepare your investor pitch together. And we introduce you to potential investors.But before all of that, we bring you to an “Investment Ready” state. What does it mean?Having access to finance is a highly demanding process which results in failure for most of the time for several startups and SMEs like you. The need for financing is one of the biggest obstacles against the sustainability and growth of the SMEs. Your business has come to the level of further growth, and a funding in the right time, of the right amount, and at the right cost might blow up the growth.So, are you ready to get this funding and fulfill its obligations? The investors are ready to invest, but do you know what will they ask from you for reporting, governance, and transparency? Do you know what you need to do to meet these demands? How are you going to take the steps to convince the investors that you will manage all these things? Are your human resources competent and suffice in number to meet these demands? What will happen when there is a new shareholder in your company?This is where we step in. We know the expectations of potential investors and we make your ready for these.You want to expand overseas yet neither your human resources nor your network abroad is not enough to make it possible. You are not sure which markets abroad will be more productive and right for you. The intellectual property rights of similar products in the markets you aim to join may prevent you from going to those markets with your product. Within our “Investment Readiness” program, “Internationalization” holds an important place. Thanks to our experienced team and effective network abroad, we will integrate you into international trade. Let’s determine your strategies together and help you grow.. If this is the right time to expand, contact us right away. Come let us promote you to an upper league.