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Jean Monnet Scholarships

11 October 2018 - Thursday

Within the framework of Turkey’s negotiation process for full membership to the EU, the Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme (JMSP) aims at contributing to Turkey’s administrative capacity building efforts through increasing the number of experts on fields related to the EU acquis.

It is planned that 180 scholarships will be granted for the 2019-2020 academic year. People who are currently;

·  Working in Turkey in public sector (including professional organizations having legal public personality, chambers, local administrations, development agencies etc.),

·  Working in Turkey in private sector (including NGOs, resident diplomatic missions etc.),

·  Working in Turkey in universities as academic or administrative staff,

·  Senior undergraduate students or postgraduate (master or PhD) students in Turkey,

·  And who would like to get specialised on the EU acquis may apply for a scholarship.

Application Conditions

·  Being a national of an EU Member Country or Turkey or an IPA Beneficiary Country,

·  Holding a bachelor’s degree from or being a senior undergraduate student at an undergraduate programme,

·  Having a minimum undergraduate CGPA of either 2.50/4.00 or 65/100 (please see Important Note-3),

·  Having a sufficient foreign language proficiency certificate(s) for one or two EU official languages valid at least until the application deadline.

Who Cannot Apply?

·  Those who are graduates of 2-year (associate degree) programmes,

·  Those who are employed by the Central Finance and Contracts Unit (Contracting Authority) as of the application deadline of the Announcement,

·  Those who formerly benefited from the Jean Monnet Scholarship,

·  Those who have earned a graduate degree (master’s or PhD) abroad by benefitting from another scholarship funded by an EU member country or an EU institution (Exchange programmes such as Erasmus or short-term academic/language scholarships are not considered in this category),

·  Those who are working or studying at undergraduate or graduate level (master’s or PhD) abroad during the application period.

Amount of the Scholarship

·  Tuition fees (up to 20.000 Euros),

·  Living expenses (food and drink, accommodation, communication, local transportation, cultural activities, etc.) (differing according to the host EU member country as given in the website of the Directorate for EU Affairs),

·  Fixed amount (3.000 Euros) for various expenses to be paid only once (to be used for the visa-passport, educational materials, travel, study visit, registration to local authorities, health and insurance, any tax liabilities and similar expenses).

Deadline: 4 December 2018

2019-2020 Academic Year Announcement

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