07 September

Technology Evaluation And Commercialization Strategies Workshop

South Campus, Auditorium 1 - 07 September 2016 - Wednesday - 09:00 am

We will welcome Dr. Afarin Bellisario from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for Technology Commercialisation Workshop. Dr. Afarin Bellisario is currently the technology licensing officer in charge of MIT’s IP portfolio in Electronics, Communications, and Semiconductors encompassing over 500 inventions. The workshop will be organised by MIT - TECHIN2B collaboration. The goal of this course is to estimate the commercial viability of a technology in a systematic manner, and determine an optimum strategy and target market to exploit the commercial potential. The course explores the journey from an innovative concept (or proof of concept) to a commercially viable product.

Technology Commercialization Workshop

Target Audience
Anybody interested in understanding the commercial potential of a give technology, including tech transfer professionals and technology managers, Technologists with a technology to exploit, entrepreneurs and those aspire to be, engineering and business managers.

Methodology, Length & Breakdown
This is interactive workshop that relies on real life cases as well as concepts based on known and new studies.  Participants are encouraged to debate various aspects of the course and bring in their relevant experiences. 

Place: Istanbul Sehir Universitesi, Guney Kampus, Oditoryum 1

Morning Session: Tech Market Evaluation: Value & Pricing and Market Size

In this session we will look at how perceived value determines pricing, and discuss different revenue models and pricing structures. We will discuss both economic and behavioral valuation (pricing), as well as pricing structure for platforms, part of the whole, and manufacturing processes. 

Then,  we will discuss markets, size, segments, dynamics and landscape and how they relate to commercial viability. We will discuss market life cycle, growth, saturation and decline and concepts of Total Available Market (TAM), Serviceable Market (SAM), market penetration and market share. We will also cover methodology for determining market size for an emerging market. 

Afternoon Session: IP & Commercialization Strategy

In this session we will discuss various strategies for commercialization (Sales of technology, licensing, partnerships and alliances, outsourcing, and full product development), the skills and cost involved. We will look at how market landscape will influence the choice. We also look at how IP strategy and commercialization strategy interact.

As part of this session we will look at various types of IP: patents, know how, and branding and trademarks.  We will look at potential IP created at each stage of commercialization the stages from innovation to marketable product, and potential mechanisms to advance an idea into a viable product. We will also explore what is patentable, what does branding mean and what are some of the ways it can be achieved, and how it can enhance or diminish the value of patents. 

Participation Fee 

200$ + VAT

TECHIN2B Enterprise Members have %25 discount.

Registration is limited with 40 participants.

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