06 September

Technology Commercialization Transition from Science to Business

South Campus, Auditorium 1 - 06 September 2016 - Tuesday - 09:00 am

We will welcome Steven M. Ferguson who currently serves as Special Advisor for Technology Transfer for the NIH Office of Technology Transfer where he has worked since 1990. The biomedical technology transfer program at NIH is one of the world’s largest with a portfolio that includes about 1300 active licenses, 400 of which report product sales in aggregate greater than $6B per year. The goal of this course is to develop a Patent and Licensing Strategy for technology portfolio of organizations. The course explores the journey from Critical Elements of Technology Commercialization like policies and priciples to valuation of an early stage technology and presenting your vision to investors.

Target Audience

Anybody interested in understanding the value of a give technology, including tech transfer professionals and technology managers, Technologists with a technology to exploit, entrepreneurs and those aspire to be, engineering and business managers.

Methodology, Length & Breakdown

This is interactive workshop that relies on real life cases as well as concepts based on known and new studies.  Participants are encouraged to debate various aspects of the course and bring in their relevant experiences. 

Place: Istanbul Sehir Universitesi, Guney Kampus, Oditoryum 1

Morning Session 

Critical Elements of Technology Commercialization – Transition from Science to Business 

Technology transfer is the movement of information, materials, and technologies from the research laboratories to the commercial enterprise. In this session, we will discuss developing a Patent and Licensing Strategy for technology portfolio of organizations. We’ll focus on Patenting Policy, Typical Patent Filing Strategy, Product Licensing Principles and Technology Commercialization at Companies.

Afternoon Session

• Valuation of Technology & Case Study

In this session, we will discuss both why is valuation a useful skill in Technology Transfer and how to do it by using different approaches. We will look at what do we have to value in a valuation of an early stage technology. Then, we will discuss methods of valuation approaches by sharing useful tools and databases.

• Presenting your Vision: How to Pitch an Investors

Early-stage fundraising is extremely challenging. However, fundraising success can be greatly increased by understanding the concerns, goals, and requirements of investors, addressing them head-on and being realistic about investment terms. In this session, we’ll understand one size does not fit all – so how to tailor your content to fit your business. We’ll especially focus on What value milestones will the amount raised get me to?, What valuation increase can investors expect at that time if the milestones are hit? What if we miss them?, What are the implications on dilution to current shareholders and investors?, What are the return implications for the investors?  And more.

Participation Fee 

200$ + VAT

TECHIN2B Enterprise Members have %25 discount.

Registration is limited with 40 participants.

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