İstanbul Şehir University was founded in 2008 by the Foundation for Arts and Sciences, which has created a research environment for science and arts, to facilitate questioning any kind of thinking, and has produced numerous seminars, journals, articles, and books for 29 years. Tens of academicians and specialists were consulted on “the new university model” within a two-year period, and following several evaluation meetings the university began its education in 2010-2011, after putting together its unique model including the establishment of a technology transfer office. ŞEHİR TTO started its activities in the very first year of the university.

In 2011, ŞEHİR TTO led the development of 4 basic modules and 5-year feasibility study prepared for the ISTDA grant awarded, and prioritized TUBITAK and ISTDA grant applications so that these processes were internalized by the institution within 2 years. In the same period, income sharing principals in the consultancy and industrial projects, as well as invention disclosure and patent filing process were created and implemented in the university.  , Throughout the development of İstanbul Şehir University, ŞEHİR TTO specified the basic needs of the institution, successfully improved itself, created with its own resources the portal through which it could manage the talents at the university, and centralized the project management via the same system in 2012. The system can be accessed at www.myprojects.com.tr/sehir/.

In 2013, ŞEHİR TTO was awarded the grant application to TUBITAK’s 1513 call related to supporting technology transfer offices financially for 10 years, and it incorporated ambitious professionals into its staff while protecting its structure in 2011, when it received an official support from the State for the second time.  


Our office consists of 4 modules:

Since 2014, ŞEHİR TTO has intensively worked to create a network abroad regarding Technology Transfer and Grants & Sponsored Projects. Accordingly, ŞEHİR TTO blended the experiences obtained from interactions with Oxford ISIS Innovation and IC2 Institute, which is the commercialization unit of University of Texas at Austin about “Technology Commercialization”, and the experiences from Steve Blank about “Lean LaunchPad Methodology”. These experiences altogether led to development of a unique and hybrid method and a new “Technology Evaluation” canvas. You may access these methods and models via other pages of our web site.

Segments We Help

Services Based Upon 5 Different Focal Points

An Unconventional Conference: FailConf

In a research carried out in the US,, the ratio of the start-ups surviving for 5 years and more is only 3%. Believing that experiences of the ones who fail are as valuable as those of the successful ones, we structured a different series of conferences. We  call it FailConf. In this yearly conference, while we listen to valuable experiences, we also offer help to resuscitate the top 3 best-failing startups. In an atmosphere mixed with Sadness, Tension, Satire, and Jokes, we listen to quite interesting startup stories, and evaluate them together.

Turkey’s First Neurotechnology Laboratory

With an emphasis on examining the focal points to foster and diversify the research environment within the university, ŞEHİR TTO was awarded another ISTDA grant for the project titled “Neurotechnology Research and Implementation Laboratory” in 2013. The laboratory, which provides service via www.neurolab.sehir.edu.tr, is also managed by our office.

Turkey’s First Technology Transfer Accelerator Program (TTAP)

ŞEHİR TTO started two new services for Turkey’s ecosystem in 2015.The former service is designated to create investment opportunities for Turkey’s best technologies from the fund of 30 million euros thanks to “Technology Transfer Accelerator Program” that accepts application at www.teknolojiturkiye.com.tr.

ŞEHİR TTO is an investor (a Limited Partner) in the first Technology Transfer Accelerator Fund in Turkey, founded by EIF “European Investment Fund” and Ministry of Technology in Turkey. ŞEHİR TTO teamed up with DCP “Diffusion Capital Partners” who won an open call made by EIF “European Investment Fund”, the main investor in the € 30million-fund. 100% of the investments is being made in technologies /businesses in Turkey within the following three years.

The fund invests only in

  • proof of concept generation projects
  • university / research center spin-offs, start-ups
  • intellectual property (IP) assets / projects
  • return for equity into start-ups, spin-offs, and SMEs

These investments will accelerate the commercialisation process of technologies in Turkey. ŞEHİR TTO prepared an authentic program for potential applicants to this fund. The applications for the program are being received, as from May 19th 2015 at www.teknolojiturkiye.com.tr . Eligible applicants are academicians with patented inventions, maximum 5-year old growth-seeking technology-based SMEs, and technology start-ups.

Turkey’s First Private Technology Showcase and Validation Portal

The latter service is the Technology Management & Validation Portal which serves through www.techin2b.com in order to connect together the industrial and public workers, technology owners, commercialization professionals, and mentors who need the technology and environment which they have lacked for a long time. 

TECHIN2B is currently in use by 27 distinguished technology-creating national and international universities, TTOs and incubation centres, which have already started to promote their teams, technologies and start-ups. TECHIN2B events hosted by various universities and incubation centres help stakeholders like industry professionals, investors, researchers and entrepreneurs to get together for collaboration and validation efforts.